Important blogging tips and tricks for new bloggers in 2023

Important blogging tips and tricks for new bloggers in 2023

Today we are going to tell you something about a topic that is often asked by many bloggers who are starting a new blog. That is, this post focuses on how to write a blog, what a blogger should do, what not to do, and how to increase blog visitors.

Although there are different reasons for starting a blog, a common goal or idea is to get the blog seen by more readers. Also, it can be helpful to help and use some technical aspects to increase visitors to the blog and 'highlight' your site to some extent through various processes of search engine optimization. But often, the blogger is responsible for some of his common mistakes, rather than the process of search engine optimization, for the failure to increase the number of visitors to a new blog. New bloggers can become good writers by following these tips:

Read yourself first: Samuel Johnson has said somewhere: "What is written without effort is generally read without pleasure.", Of course, one can argue whether reading is necessary to write, but one thing we have to accept is that none of us are skilled or 'perfect' in our own right. The more you study, the better your writing will be. Therefore, a blogger should become a good reader in the beginning.

Give originality: Write about what you know, not what you hear. This is one of the main problems seen in the blogging world nowadays. A blog can be created by copying and pasting the content of one or two magazines, Wikipedia, or any other online site, but the blog created in this way has no originality. Nor does a blog written like this lead to the intellectual development of the blogger. To run a blog, it is not necessary to be an expert on any complex subject, an expert in any genre, or have special knowledge. The dimensions or scope of a blog varies greatly, it can include any genre or topic. This is the specialty of the blog, where the blogger himself is free and open. So write about whatever comes to your mind. But as mentioned above, one must also continue the process of studying and improving oneself as much as possible and learning new things.

Diversify the blog: It is not possible to blog on any one genre or topic, but try to include as many different topics and genres in your blog as possible. Do not label your blog as 'This blog only contains stories', 'This blog only writes poetry', or 'This blog only writes politics'. Keep on making some changes in the subject matter from time to time. By practicing and studying slowly you can write a lot of things, so you don't have to worry about variety. Sometimes, to add variety to the blog, creations of 'guest bloggers' may also be posted.

Catch the reader's interest: Don't contradict what's written above. By understanding the reader's interest, you can write more on the topic that is like the most. One thing that must be said here is that you should never rely only on 'comment count' to know which topic the reader likes. Nowadays, by visiting the dashboard of all the service providers providing blogging services, you can easily see how many times your post has been read or which topic has attracted more visitors. This is not necessary, but to know this you can also use a third-party gadget that looks at the traffic feed.

Focus on the 'thing', not the 'product': This problem is often seen among bloggers. They are always worried about how to color the blog rather than what to write on the blog. Not writing a post every 15 days, and changing templates 4 times a week wastes a lot of creative time for bloggers. On top of that, the radio that plays when you open the blog, the opening animation, and the music make the blog look more ugly than attractive. Hardly anyone comes to the blog to listen to BBC news, watch the watch, or watch the news feed printed in Kantipur. Therefore, load the blog with as few gadgets as possible.

Introduce yourself: Be sure to include an 'About Me' gadget on your blog. When a new visitor enters your blog, they are curious to know who the blogger is. So at least give general information in the sidebar or somewhere “About me” and also include your photo so that the reader can easily identify the blogger. Also, register your blog on sites like and Hamro Circle to get known in the Nepali blog circle and give some information about your blog. To register your blog on you can fill in your blog details here and go here to join Hamro Circle.

Take the help of social media: Social media can be a good way to promote your blog. So introduce your blog through networks like Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter, and add feeds. Join the Bloggers group and participate in sharing, learning, or teaching new things.

Interact: The feature or beauty of a blog is also 'comments'. Therefore, please respond to comments on your posts whenever possible and when necessary. Take advice and criticism naturally and positively. Interaction through blog comments makes the blogger accountable and also helps in getting closer to the readers.

Write Simple Write Precisely: Blogs should not contain serious topics, long compositions, or literary or technical jargon, but people usually read blogs for short, simple, and quick information or information or creations. Therefore, it is not relevant to use the blog as a mountain of complex words, a collection of epic-like works, or a discussion of the most complex topic. Everyone should try to give maximum information in minimum words using short and simple language that everyone can understand.

Don't think about earning money: I found that everyone has this misconception that you can earn a lot of money by opening a blog. Yes, it is possible to make money from a well-run blog, but it is almost impossible to run a blog that is started just to make money. That's why it is right to think about earning only after making an identity for your blog.

Be creative: Don't be discouraged if you don't see the blog after you open it. I have already written above that it is wrong to judge whether a blog is running or not just by the number of comments. So think of ways to keep the blog fresh and new. Write regularly, write consistently, and write in variety. The blog should run.


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