Things to consider before planning to have a baby

Things to consider before planning to have a baby

A married couple should make a plan before preparing to have children. In our society, it is customary to go to the doctor for a check-up after becoming pregnant. However, it is better for couples to consult a doctor before planning to have children. There is not much awareness about this even in urban areas. Unprepared pregnancy can lead to complications in the health of the mother and child. These complications can be reduced during pregnancy by adopting basic procedures after health check-ups.

We have given some essential suggestions to couples who are planning to have children. In the beginning, we find out from the 'health history' of both of them whether they or their family members have any problems. If there is any problem in a woman's body before pregnancy, it is detected through a test. Some 'chronic diseases' may be seen in women during testing. For example, high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney or heart disease can be detected. However, this does not mean that women suffering from such diseases should not become pregnant. If such a problem occurs, the doctor will advise you to be cautious.

In such a situation, when you are pregnant for the first time, it does not matter much, but if a child with a positive blood group is born for the first time, then there may be a problem of weakness in other children. An injection should be given for that. It does not matter if the father's blood group is negative but the mother's blood group is positive. Because it is the mother who gives birth to the child, the possibility of problems occurring only when a mother with a negative blood group gives birth to a child with a positive blood group. Almost everyone's tests are the same when they go to the doctor for tests after getting pregnant. Like: HIV, Hepatitis, Thyroid, Sugar, Hemoglobin, etc.

First of all, the health of the woman who wants to conceive is examined. For obese people, it is appropriate to conceive only after losing weight. Losing weight is advised because there is a possibility of weight loss while pregnant. Women who are too thin may suffer from anemia. If the required balanced diet is not sufficient then attention should be paid to it. If such women are pregnant then the baby will weigh less and may have pain even before reaching one month. Doctors advise women suffering from anemia not to plan to become pregnant immediately. It is said that one should balance the weight in three to five months and only then conceive.

Regular tests:

Women suffering from thyroid, and diabetes can also give birth to a child. For this, you should get pregnant only after reducing the condition of the disease through treatment. Whether there is any physical disability or disability due to genetic reasons in a person's family is checked to see how likely problems are to arise in the future. Some women do not get pregnant immediately. We check and try to find out what condition they are in.

Diabetes test:

Every month visits to the doctors are taken care of to avoid any complications. Glucose testing is done between 24 and 28 weeks. It is equally important to check the amount of sugar in the blood. Some women are prone to diabetes. If a woman's parents have diabetes, it is better to have a sugar test before becoming pregnant. Even if a pregnant woman is not a diabetic patient, she may develop diabetes due to pregnancy, which is called 'gestational diabetes'. Diabetes goes away after the birth of the child. Usually within 6 months after a glucose test, if diabetes is detected, medicines are given in consultation with a diabetologist.

Let's learn about blood group

A hemoglobin blood test is essential during the health checkup of people who want to get pregnant. It is said that if you have anemia then you should conceive only after treating it. If the blood group of the husband and wife is positive then there is no problem, but if the blood group of the mother is negative and the blood group of the father is positive then sometimes there may be a problem.

Thyroid test:

In the current situation, women should get their thyroid checked. Nowadays, some women come for treatment only after becoming pregnant saying that they have thyroid problems. The mother's thyroid plays an important role in the brain development of the child. "Hypothyroidism" means that children born to women with less than normal thyroid production do not have adequate brain development. However, if this is seen before pregnancy, then an attempt is made to bring them back to normal condition by giving them medicines and only then it is advisable to conceive.


Some 'supplements' are given to women who are planning to become pregnant. Folic acid is essential. There is a tradition of recommending it from one month before conception. Folic acid plays a vital role in preventing 'neuritic defects' in children. The tumor behind the baby's head, spinal cord, and umbilical cord will not cause any problems. It is also necessary to give different types of vitamins. If all types of vitamins can be given in a balanced manner, then the chances of the child becoming disabled are reduced. Iron and calcium supplements are also given after the first three months. Both of these are given for 9 months.

lifestyle improvements:

It is equally important to make lifestyle changes before conceiving. If a pregnant woman has a habit of drinking alcohol or smoking, then it is better to stop it immediately. It is advisable to give up such habits at least three months in advance and make a 'pregnancy plan'. If you get pregnant while not leaving the anus, there are chances that the baby will be deformed. If a woman who regularly consumes alcohol becomes pregnant too soon, there is a high chance that her child will be handicapped.

Problems can also occur if family members smoke a lot and live close to the pregnant woman. In other matters, more attention should be paid to the habits of women than those of men. It is equally important for pregnant women to avoid dust and smoke. Modern kitchens in urban areas are not as much of a problem, but traditional wood-burning stoves are not good for pregnant women.

In our society, comments are made about 'what kind of effects will happen if one gets pregnant at what time'. However, medical science has proved that there is no truth in all these superstitions. It is also true that no matter what month of the year you become pregnant, it will not have any effect on you. However, how to proceed and how to plan for the 9 months after getting pregnant matters a lot.

After pregnancy, it is very important to pay attention to a balanced diet. A normal diet is not enough for a pregnant woman. If your regular diet is 2,000 kilo-calories, you need to add at least 350 kilo-calories. Therefore, it is suggested to add about one-fourth to the regular diet from the first month. A balanced diet is equally important. Especially in rural areas, there is a custom of eating only vegetables and rice but no care is taken about the rest of the food. It is not able to provide all the essential nutrients to the body. The diet should be balanced with carbohydrates, proteins, fats and vitamins. Pregnant women should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Because the main source of vitamins is green vegetables.

It doesn't matter that pregnant women pick up small household items. However, lifting and moving heavy objects can take a toll on the body. There is a possibility of miscarriage when lifting heavy objects. If a person's job is to lift heavy objects then this can cause problems. Women who do a lot of physical work may experience pain within 6-7 months. Working more than 8 hours a day is considered risky.

It doesn't matter that working pregnant women ride scooters on good and safe roads. However, pregnancy can be affected as Nepal has a lot of potholed roads. In such a situation, the chances of separation, bleeding, and miscarriage are high. How to suggest not to ride a scooter? But it is better not to drive on potholes and crowded roads. The same applies to those traveling behind a two-wheeler. Four-wheelers are considered safe because they are relatively easy to ride. However, it is not recommended for long-distance travel.


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