How to Pass the Korean Language Exam "EPS"? Here are 8 easy tips

How to Pass the Korean Language Exam "EPS"? Here are 8 easy tips

Every year, Korea has taken Nepali workers under the Employment Permit System (EPS) because of the attention of many youths.

However, taking the Korean language test is not the least challenging. If the language trainers are prepared well, then three, four months will be enough.
For this, they say that constant effort and the use of some special ideas will be necessary with the resolution to pass it on to the students.

Korean language instructor Umakant Sapkota advises students to work hard by accepting the Korean language test easily. Here are tips on how to overcome the challenge of the Korean language test:

1. Choose a dynamic institute and instructor

This is not an inaccessible mountain for anyone looking to read and learn in Korean. Taking classes to learn the language is a must. Therefore, choosing a good institute when learning a language is also the first wise decision of a student.

Skilled language instructors and institutions should be searched. Initially, what kind of language instructors are there and what are the results of the organization first? It is important to remember that the specified courses should be studied.

While the destiny of a few institutes seems to be only earning now, the time and investment of the student has also gone away. Therefore, it is the student's first task to identify a language learning center that is a good instructor and emphasizes more practical teaching. Again it would be foolish to think that only a class pass the language test. His diligence is the key weapon thereafter.

2. Speak, Listen, Watch YouTube

The first step is to learn Korean like a 'Bahrakhari'. Then the semantics have to swirl. In the beginning, it is not easy to say the word.

Then listening to audio and speaking the language is the simplest way to learn Korean.

There must be a lot of focus on remembering or stroking the meaning of the language. There should also be clear words for dual words in Korean. The subjects you read in the classroom should be repeated.

The two months before the exam are the most important for Korean. It can be very easy to pass if you are finished mastering the language at this time.

Must be able to adapt the language at any time. Even on the bus, you must listen to the audio in Korean language mobile.

Korean movies should be watched while watching TV. The Internet can also be used for this. YouTube also has various videos and audio courses available to learn Korean. Language can also be improved by listening to Korean movies and songs. You cannot succeed if you are shy to speak in front of others or pass them off in secret.

The more you use the Korean language in the diary, the more you will become a powerful weapon. In doing so, one must be careful not to disturb others.

3. Use the app

Now you can also learn Korean language through mobile apps on smartphones. There are various Korean language apps available. It can be learned by downloading it on mobile. The most effective will be the same. Because in practice such apps are very useful.

Apps have a variety of language learning methods. There is also plenty of 'content' for practice. Having fun learning the language will be like playing this game.

So download such an app and enjoy it for free. This is very useful for learning the language.

4. Seek help from friends and relatives

Many consider the Korean language test to be the most difficult hearing mark. Adequate listening and meditating exercises are essential.

Many students miss it, especially because they don't care for the accent. However, if spoken and viewed, the Korean language is gradually accustomed to it.

It is also very easy to do repeated trials at home. The other partner who is preparing for the language test should practice speaking, listening, and taking turns. It also helps a lot.

You should try to speak Korean as much as possible while also meeting your fellow brothers and sisters. You can also ask for help from friends and others.

5. Make a test plan

You should also be updated about the Korean language test system. If there are any confusions, they should be removed first. Accordingly, you should prepare for the exam.

All questions in the Korean Language Exam are accompanied by an option. You should mark the correct answer by reading and understanding half the question.
Separate seats are provided for questions and answers. Half of the question is to listen to the audio and mark the correct answer.

However, many respond so quickly. Be careful in the exam rather than in haste. If you rush to the test, even the answer to the question you know can be wrong. The student should be very careful not to rush into a rush. That doesn't mean it's not scary. We need to develop the habit of being smart with self-confidence.

No need to rush in because you do not have to write the answers in this exam. However, time must be taken care of. Questions on drawing and identifying signs should be especially careful. In some cases the answer is very simple, but the examiner is forced to brainstorm the small things. You should pay a lot of attention to that.

Speaking, understanding, listening and practicing consistently will not be a major difficulty in answering at least 35/40 questions in the exam. However, if weaker in only one of these aspects, the test can get worse.

6. Practice possible confusion

Therefore, the preparation of this language test should be made practical. Only the one who remembers cannot pass the language exam.. It is important to listen to the language and to 'catch' the answer quickly.

More importantly, the structure and structure of the answer to the question in the exam is almost of the same nature. The particular 'listening' consists of answers with similarly accented words. That is what makes the examiners very confused.

Therefore, in the same model, listening and understanding exercises should be done before the exam. Confusion that can be tested should be identified through practice. You may need to ask for help with a language trainer. It is important to ask the language guru for ideas and use it well in the moment.

It is not advisable to confuse too often on the same question. Later, the answer to the question of lack of time is also at risk of deterioration.

7. Avoid the mindset of cheating

The mere feeling of cheating from sitting side by side on a language test only fails. If you think you are cheating by any means, then you should give up.

Korea's Human Resources Department sets the seat for the exam. Question papers are also distributed to different 'row' and sitting on the bench.

Overall, the same questions are kept even though the question numbers are different. Examination also involves very tight management. Therefore, there is no possibility of cheating. It is necessary to prepare for the exam.

Since Korea checks the copy of the computer system, it is not possible to pass the language test without anyone being tempted.

8. Don't miss work and studies, manage

Examining the results so far in the language test, young people aged 23 to 30 have passed more language exams. At some point, even with a few questions, there was a passing situation. Now, that situation is not perfect. So preparation should be disrupted. It is not appropriate to leave everything in the tune of passing the language test.

Not everyone who has passed the language test can go to Korea. Therefore, language should be increased by managing your work and studies. Many of those who leave it have had problems getting a visa afterwards.

Consistent effort is required to pass, but for those who have the skills to practice the language wisely and learn the language, it will not be difficult to pass.

Good luck to all who prepare for the exam.

Presentation: Rabindra Ghimire


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